Easy change


The large frame body of the LS-R912 developed with the basic specification of the LS-R900 offers a function to switch between 2 test pressures (Input A and Input B). The combination of the 2 pressures (Input A and Input B) can be selected from the Ratings Table. Up to two EP regulators can be configured on the leak tester. This allows you to increase both productivity and efficiency at the cost of a single device.


Measuring screen

With the ability to change the device language from English to Japanese and Chinese, you will never again have to worry about misunderstanding certain functions and features.

Input selection screens

 This allows the user to select the two different entries on the fly at the click of a button, making it easy to modify and display the required data when needed.


Load-holding screens

The LS-910 makes your life easier by directly showing you whether parts to be tested are pressurized or not. This function remains active regardless of whether the shut-off valve is open or closed.

Product features

Standard features

Intelligent pneumatic circuit II

Load retention


Leakage limits

Drift compensation


Exhaust interference prevention

Sensor protection (exhaust air blowing)

Sensor protection (external exhaust valve)


LAN port

Checking valve performance

Pneumatics Checking the sensitivity of the DPS

Valve equipment

Weight savings

High flow capacity

It is used to detect the location of the leak.

Equivalent internal volume measurement

K (Ve) Range calibration and compensation of differential pressure sensor

Range calibration and pressure sensor compensation test

Two-level limit setting (DET HH, DET Hi, DET Lo, DET LL) 

Noise reduction

To master

the average

fixed mobile

Valve performance

Pneumatics DPS sensitivity 

Shut-off valve open / closed

Sensor compensation

CPU performance

Control of the exhaust timing of the pneumatic circuit units

Cleaning of the pneumatic circuit at the end of each test cycle

A separate external exhaust valve unit (G3-M) is required

Sincronizar el inicio y el final (escape) de la estaciónseleccionada        

FTP server (In preparation) 

General specifications

Differenial pressure

Minimum reading

Reading accuracy

Sensor range

Test pressure

0,1 Pa

± 2,5% of the reading ± 1 Pa 

± 2,5% of the reading ± 1 Pa para un rango superior a 50 Pa 

± 2 Pa for a range of 0-50 Pa

± 1500 Pa

5 mPa

Presión de sensor

Test accuracy

Leakage rate

Equivalent internal volume

mPa, kPa (PSI, kg / cm2, bar, mbar, mmHg, cmHg, inHg) * 1

Pa, kPa, mL / s, mL / min, L / min 

(mmH20, inH20, mmHg, in3 / min, in3 / d) * 1

mL, L (in3, ft3) * 1

Number os stations

Up to 8 stations

Number of channels

32 channels (0 ~ 31)