Capable and Versatile


The LS-R700 is sophisticated and yet easy to use. It is easy to navigate and the intuitive interface facilitates operation and saves you time. With its wafeform screen, the LS-R700 can display differential and test pressure in an informartive format. 


Simple and intuitive

Intuitive operation makes it easy to program test parameters.

Beautiful measurement screens

The measurement screens can be selected from 3 depending on the situation.


Complete adjustments

The configuration menu is easy to follow. The guidance bar at the bottom gives you a simple explanation of what the item is.

Product features

Standard features


Intelligent pneumatic circuit

Automatic K (Ve) configuration

Leakage limits

Electro-pneumatic control

Noise reduction

Inspection and Calibration



Sensor protection

3.5 inch color LCD Selectable between 3 different measurement displays.

It comes with self-checking functions: sensor, sensitivity, air valve performance.

K (Ve) can be set using Leak Master to measure the leakage coefficient and convert the measured pressure into a flow rate.

Two sets of leakage limits: medium / small leakage on the working side (UL / UL2) and on the master side (LL / LL2)

For models that come with an electro-pneumatic regulator, different test pressures can be set independently for each channel.

It eliminates noise by repeating the DET stage when readings fall between DET UL and DET UL2. (To cancel the Cycle over configuration)

Differential pressure sensor  (DPS) offset and span verification. Pressure sensor (PS) offset and span verification.

Mastering, automatic deviation compensation, fixed compensation.

Air operated valve performance, DPS / PS Offset, CPU performance and others.

Air-Blow (intelligent pneumatic circuit): the pneumatic circuit is cleaned at the end of each leak test. External exhaust valve ready: valve sold separately.

General specifications

Differential pressure


Reading accuracy

Display range

Test accuracy

0,1 Pa

± 2,5% of reading ± 

1Pa 50Pa or less: ± 2Pa± 1500 Pa

± 999,9 Pa (guaranteed accuracy: ± 1000 Pa)

5 mPa


Test accuracy

Leakage unit

Unit K (Ve) (Leakage coefficient)

kPa, MPa, PSI, kg / cm2, bar, mbar, mmHg, cmHg, inHg

Pa, kPa, mL / s, mL / min, L / min, Pa • m3 / s, E-3 Pa • m3 / s, Pa / s, Pa / min, * Pa / s, * Pa / min, mmH2O , inH2O, mmHg, in3 / min, in3 / d, ft3 / h

mL, L, in3, ft3

Leakage screen

4-digit sampling rate: 10 times /s

Leakage limit range

± 999,9 Pa